Fast track to management with a fast-growing Aggie owned and operated company with locations in DFW, Houston, San Antonio, and on the Texas coast. Train in a moneymaking environment so you can pay off your student loans faster than any of your peers. Use the internet and social mediums to retail domestic new and used vehicles across Texas and the country.


Salespeople in our organization are the lifeblood of the business. Sales are made or lost based solely on the behavior of the salesperson. It can be said that the relationship between salesperson and customer is the most important in the business.

Salespeople are responsible for creating a buying relationship with customers, eliminating objections to the sale, and building their own business for future opportunities. Continual training and one on one manager support is vital to salespeople’s success.

Commission pay and a competitive environment create the opportunity to define your income and business on a daily basis. There is not a better place in Texas to sell cars than the Keating dealerships.


Sales Managers do exactly that, manage the sales department. The primary job of the sales manager is to maximize his salespeople’s income. Managing inventory, pricing vehicles, and coming up with offers are all important tasks, but none of that compares with the dire responsibility of maximizing salesperson income on a daily basis.

Leadership by example requires action and sales managers are not tasked with sitting behind a desk and quoting numbers. Sales managers constantly look for ways to improve their sales force through training, work with struggling individuals, and praise the many successful people we have.

Nothing is beneath a sales manager: answering the phone, washing a car for delivery, and doing what is needed are all just as important as helping close a car deal with a salesperson and customer. Sales managers do what it takes.


Finance managers are much more than simply contractors. Creating, mining, and cultivating relationships with lenders is one of our advantages. Finding the best lender based on each individual customers situation takes patience, wisdom, and perseverance.

Presenting every option to every customer every time insures satisfied and financially protected drivers. Finance managers stay involved with salespeople to verify accurate paperwork and shorten the time window for our customers.

Problem solving is what a finance managers does best. Fitting a square piece in a round hole happens more often than supposed. Finance managers support the efforts of the sales manager to create a true team environment.


Service managers lead a shop, team of advisors, and manage the relationship with existing customers. While a sale is typically a one time event, service managers can make or break the decision to return for another purchase.

Maintenance, warranty work, and even out of warranty repairs are all important and the service manager makes sure that every oil change is done with the same precision as an engine replacement.

Making sure our customers understand their needed repairs, option repairs, and the difference creates respect and credibility with our customers. Leading techs, supporting advisors, and maximizing both’s pay check is also an important responsibility.


Service advisor can be a rewarding or thankless job and both happen everyday. Advisors assist customers with maintenance, recalls, warranty and non warranty repairs. Techs are trained to fix vehicles and advisors are the liaison between the shop and the customer.

Early risers, advisors should greet every customer with a smile because lets face it, no one likes to take their car in for anything. Advisors make sure customers know what repairs are needed, what repairs and maintenance are recommended, and clearly communicate these in a timely manner.

Techs talk shop, advisors talk in English (or Spanish). Advisors under promise and over deliver and while a broken vehicle may be annoying, our advisors make sure the customer feels comfortable the vehicle will be repaired right the first time, and in the shortest time possible.


Service Technicians maintain service operations by inspecting and maintaining vehicles. A Service Technicians’ job duties include inspecting and testing vehicles, completing preventive maintenance such as engine tune-ups, oil changes, tire rotation and changes, wheel balancing and replacing filters. They also verify vehicle serviceability by conducting test drives, adjusting controls and systems.

Service Technicians work closely with the Service Advisors and Managers to ensure customer satisfaction.


An internship at one of the Keating Auto Group dealerships will give the intern an opportunity to learn all aspects of the car dealership from many leaders in the industry. The intern has the potential to gain experience in the numerous departments that make up the dealership: sales, service, finance, internet sales, marketing, and accounting. During the internship, the intern will gain hands-on experience working on challenging projects with guidance from a mentor and other members of our team.


We are looking for graduates to join our program where there are great opportunities to advance in the car industry and earn a high level of income within your first year. Candidates for this position must have the ability to develop relationships with customers and thrive in a competitive and fast-paced work environment. This opportunity will provide you with the training and tools to succeed in this industry.