The car business is an exciting business, most people don’t realize how huge it is.

It’s big, corporate level revenue and dollars with an entrepreneurial type environment. Most people don’t think about getting into the car business. I was lucky enough to grow up in it and loved it so much. The incredible income opportunities were really exciting, and I enjoy giving that opportunity to others that don’t think about the car business as a potential career. Most of the friends I graduated with were stuck with a base salary, working in a cubicle with long hours and nothing to show for it. They were doing all the grunt work, trying to work their way up to the next promotion. I ended up getting a job with instant gratification, I was compensated with really good money for really good performance. I had the opportunity to grow at a pace based on my results instead of my tenure. It’s a really competitive business and I love that about it. I just enjoy it. I enjoy people, I enjoy cars, and I enjoy the competitive environment that drives success for those involved. 

We have proven very successful over the years, and I enjoy teaching the business to other people. I enjoy the growth that comes from buying dealerships, hiring from within the company, and teaching those individuals how to have their own business and be successful at it.  

It’s a great business and I look forward to having you on the team.





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