Sam Perez ’13
Keating Auto Group

I’ve been with Keating Auto Group going on 2 months. I started working for a different company out of college because I thought my goals were somewhere else. I quickly realized that it was a better opportunity over here with Keating Auto Group. I started in oil and now I’m in the auto industry and it’s been great. I’m loving it. I’ve learned a lot just in the two months I’ve been here. Financially I’m in places I never thought I could be this soon out of college, and like I said I’m just enjoying it so far.

I graduated A&M with a Bachelor of Science in leadership and development with minors in business and human resources. I’m business oriented, and I like the idea of having my own business, and here at Keating Auto Group they give you all the tools to create your own success and create your own business. I really like that aspect.

Keating gives you all the tools and training that you can take and use throughout your career. If you’re on the fence about the auto industry, I was too, but look where I am now. I quickly realized I needed to be here and I have no regrets. If you’re considering it, get in touch with one of the employees and give us a chance to show you what the auto industry brings, and what being an auto retailer can mean to you. I’m more than happy to sit and talk with anyone who wants to learn more about the ins and outs of the lifestyle.

So far I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m only a couple months in but I’ve already realized my potential here and I know where I want to go. I’m already in line for somewhat of a promotion, about to get transferred and see new opportunities.

I hope you give the Keating Auto Group the opportunity to show you what we’ve got!