Keating Auto Group '11

Like most of us, when I came out of college I had no clue what to do. I had just spent the last 4 years of my life with structure and routine and suddenly felt completely lost.

I moved from Klein Texas all the way up to the middle of nowhere Nebraska so that I could get a degree but also wrestle at the collegiate level (the only reason for leaving Texas). I started college with the intent of becoming a High School wrestling coach. I quickly realized that while wrestling was my passion, I also wanted a job that got me paid! I switched my major to pre-med and worked my butt off the next 3 years until graduation. Like most of us, as soon as graduation was over I knew that I never wanted to look at another textbook again. Realizing that I would never make it all the way through med-school without dropping out, I found myself holding a fairly useless and extremely expensive degree in my hands. "What do I do now?"

Luckily for me, one of my older brothers had been working for the Keating Auto Group for somewhere around a decade by the time I graduated from college. He wasn’t able to get me a job, but he was willing to get me an interview with his boss. Things went well and I was told that the company had just started a “college grad training program” that I was going to jump into. Six weeks later, I was selling cars in BOOMING Port Lavaca!  

That doesn’t tell you anything about the emotions and feelings, the apprehensions I had about becoming a “car guy.” As one of my mentors in the car business says, “I didn’t go to college to sell cars!” I couldn’t have said it better myself. If we are being honest, no one grows up with dreams and aspirations of one day becoming a car salesman. It just doesn’t happen that way. However, after watching the type of life the car business was able to provide my brother and his family, I knew that there was an opportunity to make LOTS of money. But still, what about the stigma that goes with being a car salesman, this made me nervous.

The money is the most obvious and natural attraction to the car business. With a willingness to work hard and follow the process, a first year car salesman can make enough money to make their friends very jealous! But everyone else has already told you that. The two things I love most about the car business and specifically, the Keating Auto Group, are the opportunities for advancement and the way we conduct our business as professionals.

Within the first 8 months of selling cars I found myself as a Finance Manager. 6 months later, I was a Sales Manager. Things happened extremely quickly for me because of my willingness to work extremely hard and in a trustworthy and honest way. I, along with several others, am the perfect example of the opportunities this organization creates for people. This has allowed me to make way more money than any doctor in their first 10 years of practice.

Second, and probable the most important to me, the Keating Auto Group strives to change the negative stigma that has followed the car business the last 40 years. We operate our business with the mindset that making happy customers is the best practice. Obviously we are all here to make money, but we never want to make everything about the bottom line. This has become the major reason for wanting to continue my career with the Keating Auto Group. Not only do they take great care of their customers, they also truly care about their employees. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better job, workplace, and career.