JR Hill – ’12

Sales Consultant
Toyota of Victoria

“I have been turned down by everyone else, what is the worst thing that can happen.”

I graduated from Texas A&M with a bachelor’s degree in communications on December 14, 2012. I started looking and applying for potential careers the in August and I really struggled to find anything. I come from a broken family and life was not the easiest growing up. I, unlike several of my peers, had to pay my way through school. This required me to take out several loans and work full time. My work history is what really kept from being noticed by companies. They said I lacked “experience.” Even though I had great grades companies refused to give me a shot simply because I had never taken internships and my work history at the local pawn shops, yes a pawn shop, in Bryan/College Station were found insufficient. So there I was, frustrated and stressed out to my limits after being turned down yet again by another company, this time a public relations company that I really saw a future in. It got to the point that I hated walking into the Career Center at the Koldus building because I already knew what was going to happen. That night I went back to my apartment to study for a mid-term exam I had coming up. During one of my study breaks I pulled up hireaggies.com and saw a link that said, Keating Auto Group. I clicked on the link and it said post résumé. So I decided to post my résumé and went along with my night. I received an email within a day or two asking if I could meet for an interview at the Career Center again. After the interview, I felt confident but still did not think of anything of it. Sell cars, yeah right. Later that week, Ben Keating called me at the pawnshop I was working at and asked if I could meet with him personally. He took me to both of the dealerships in Tomball and Toyota of Victoria. I spoke with several Aggies and every one of them loved what they were doing. For some reason it felt right, I felt that I belonged in the car business. My family thought it was a bad idea, but then again they were not paying for my tuition. Here I am six months later at Toyota of Victoria on track to hit six figures of income and I love every minute of it. My student loans of four and a half years of college have been completely paid off in six months of work. All of this is made possible because one man took a chance on me when no one else would and I am not going to let opportunity pass me by.

Thanks and Gig Em!