James Law
Sales Manager
Toyota of Victoria

When people ask what I do for a living I always say; “I sell cars.” From the service technicians, the service advisors, title clerks, our sales professionals; everyone in our organization works and drives toward this common goal. I have been a sales manager at Toyota of Victoria since March of 2013 and with the Keating Auto Group for two years.

I found myself in this business totally by accident. For most of my college career I knew a job in the automotive industry was my calling and I knew a degree in Mechanical Engineering would put me well on my way to realizing that goal. I had several offers on the table when I took a “practice interview” with the Keating Auto Group. I did not have any desire to sell cars, nor had I given it a second thought. What I discovered during that interview turned my entire career outlook on its head and smashed so many stereotypes and misconceptions about what selling cars is all about; what this company stands for. It is first and foremost a family business built around Aggies strong in their family and their faith. It is fast moving, quickly growing and the most rewarding business environment any young person could ask for. Entering into the professional work force I wanted to be in a position where I could advance quickly, make an immediate impact and be part of a highly talented team. On top of that my personal monetary goal was to be at six-figures the first 12 months out of college. This company has enabled me to meet all of these goals and do so very quickly. Not only am I part of a great team, I now have the privilege to be heading up the youngest team in our group, at our newest dealership, selling the most popular vehicles on the market! Our stores are among the top performing in their respective regions and we want you on our team.