Casandra Rodriguez
Internet Manager
Toyota of Victoria

“I’ve never sold anything in my life.”

I graduated from Texas A&M University in May of 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in business. As a business major, my ultimate goal was to eventually run my own business. Unfortunately that is a little hard to do right after college. Therefore I was stuck trying to find a career just like everyone else I knew. After some studying I decided to go onto and see the new postings on there. As I was going through the pages I came across a link for the Keating Auto Group. At first glance, it seemed very interesting. The auto group was based out of familiar territory for me and I figured, why not? I uploaded my résumé and completed the Omnia profile test. Once I completed everything, I set up my first interview and continued to research the company and what it has recently done. At the time, there was not very much information online because it was such a young group. Selling cars really? I’ve never sold anything in my life. The idea made me a bit uneasy however I was still intrigued and wanted to learn more about the business. I figured that there had to have been more than just selling cars.

When I arrived at my interview, it was different from any other I have been to. It was relaxed, Ben Keating took the time to come to College Station to interview me and discuss the potential growth of the company. He told me all about myself from the Omnia and how it meant that I would be successful in a business like this. He sold me on the idea that the auto industry is the same as running your own personal business. He also assured me that although I’ve never sold anything before; they would give me all the tools and teach me all the skills to do so. The best thing about this company was the opportunity for advancement and to hopefully run one of the stores eventually. After six months, I have already been promoted to Finance Manager at the Toyota store in Victoria. No other company would have given me an opportunity like this so soon. All in all this is the best decision that I could have possibly made for myself. I look forward to where this company is growing and I can’t wait to have even more fellow Aggies working with us.